Who We Are

CollabFirst collaborates with the work force of America. Weaim to help tackle the labor shortage in the trade industry by providing a newway to recruit your new age employees. Our value is not set by just fillingyour positions within the construction industry, but by the experience andeducation we help our candidates acquire along the way. Through extensivepartnerships with trade specific educational institutions, like LearningAlliance Institute, our candidates come to their first day prepared for a newcareer. 

Consistent Placements

Are you looking to build a pipeline of consistent talent that delivers the productivity you are looking for?

Data Centric

We understand that you face increasing churn rates as well as increase in labor demand. We help provide outstanding entry level technicians.

Process and Procedure

We take the process seriously. Our team is onboard with building out the best way to build your hiring pipeline!


You determine your needs, and we develop ways to find those candidates that meet your requirements. There is no guessing!

Multi Location Recruitment

We serve multiple locations across the United States! Some of our partners are state wide while some cover the entire United States!


Our main goal is to help veterans find careers after their service! We provide great programs to help you build a Veteran specific talent pipeline!

  • 1,704Number of Interviews
  • 482Numbers of Hires
  • 12Total Hiring Events
  • 22Total Employers

Where We Came From

CollabFirst started as an initiative between Learning Alliance Corporation and Veterans Florida. Realizing that a labor shortage existed within the trade industry, exacerbated by an aging work force and no one to replace them, Learning Alliance built a partnership that helped Veterans acquire skills in Wireless Infrastructure technology, Broadband Installation and Fiber Optic Troubleshooting. These highly trained military veterans entered the Telecommunications industry with new skills and a great career ahead of them. 

CollabFirst partnered with Learning Alliance to assist in the recruitment efforts required for finding your niche employees – you know the ones who have great mechanical skill, can be on time and have a drive for physical trade work. Once that individual is identified, we help connect them to employers in our network that are looking to hire. We cover multiple different trade industries such as: 

•Wireless Infrastructure

•Broadband Installation